CL09003 Artificial Flowers Phalaenopsis Orchids Stems Real Touch Vintage Golden for Kitchen Table Centerpiece

Item No.
Golden Phalaenopsis
Artificial Real Touch Latex
Overall height: 99 cm,overall length of flower head part: 37.5cm

Large flower head diameter: 11.5 cm
Small flower head diameter: 9.5cm , Bud diameter: 4 cm
The price is 1 branch, which is composed of 8 Phalaenopsis flower heads and 1 Phalaenopsis bud.
 Inner Box Size:100*24*12cm/12pcs
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Products Details

CL09003 Artificial Flowers Phalaenopsis Orchids Stems Real Touch Vintage Golden for Kitchen Table Centerpiece 1 Plant CL09003 2 it CL09003 3 ono CL09003 4 blue CL09003 5 fach CL09003 6 flower CL09003 7 wach CL09003 8 book CL09003 9 look CL09003 10 ok CL09003 11 good CL09003 12 int CL09003 13 no CL09003 our exquisite CL09003 - the Golden Phalaenopsis, brought to you by CALLAFLORAL. Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of this stunning artificial flower.Crafted with artificial real touch latex, the Golden Phalaenopsis embodies the elegance and grace of a real Phalaenopsis orchid. Each petal has been meticulously designed to replicate the intricate details and vibrant colors of its living counterpart.With an overall height of 99cm and a length of 37.5cm for the flower head part, this majestic flower commands attention and adds a touch of grandeur to any setting. The large flower head boasts a diameter of 11.5cm, while the small flower head measures 9.5cm. Additionally, a delicate bud with a diameter of 4cm completes the arrangement.Weighing 87.7g, this branch is sturdy yet lightweight, making it easy to handle and arrange with care. The price includes one branch, composed of eight Phalaenopsis flower heads and one Phalaenopsis bud. This creates a stunning ensemble that will captivate the hearts of all who behold it. We take pride in packaging our products carefully to ensure their safe arrival. The inner box size is 1002412cm, accommodating up to 12 of these magnificent Golden Phalaenopsis branches.At CALLAFLORAL, we prioritize your convenience and offer flexible payment options, including L/C, T/T, West Union, Money Gram, and Paypal, ensuring a smooth and secure transaction process.Our brand is renowned for its quality craftsmanship, and this Golden Phalaenopsis is no exception. Originating from Shandong, China, it meets both ISO9001 and BSCI certifications, ensuring exceptional quality and ethical production practices. The Golden Phalaenopsis is available in a range of stunning colors, including light coffee, rose red, orange, red, pink, and white. Choose the hue that best complements your space and brings out its natural beauty.Combining handmade artistry with machine precision, this flower is a true masterpiece. Its versatility allows it to enhance various occasions, both indoors and outdoors. Whether you're looking to beautify your home, room, bedroom, hotel, hospital, or shopping mall, or planning a wedding, corporate event, or exhibition, the Golden Phalaenopsis will add a touch of elegance and sophistication.Celebrate special moments throughout the year with the Golden Phalaenopsis. From Valentine's Day to Christmas, Easter to Mother's Day, this stunning flower will bring joy and beauty to any occasion. Indulge in the extraordinary allure of the Golden Phalaenopsis from CALLAFLORAL. Let its radiant golden hue and lifelike petals transport you to a realm of natural splendor and enchantment.  

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